CircleBack APIs

Build better relationships into the heart of your app in minutes.

Email Capture API

Professionals across the country have spoken: they want increased workflow productivity and better, more complete data. With CircleBack’s Email Capture API, you can deliver both right now.

      • Email Signature Capture
        • Email Signature Capture
        • Automatically extract and transform email signature blocks into contact info vital to prospecting efforts.
      • Quality Data Flow
        • Organization-wide signature capture offers a flow of high volume, high-accuracy data.

People Append API

Update any contact on your list with CircleBack’s People Append API. Through simple search, you’ll discover the complete contact information—name, title, organization, phone, and address (where available)—for any contact in your database. 

Company Append API

Stay Stay in touch with any business—anywhere. With CircleBack’s Company Append API, you’ll have access to a full, accurate directory of business contact info, including normalized company name and, if available, company headquarter phone number and address.

Business Card Scan API Beta

Build networking, sales productivity, and valuable contact data flow into the heart of your products. With the Business Card Scan API, you’ll offer best-in-class business card scanning with fast, adaptive paths to direct captured data where it needs to go.

  • Business Card Scanning
    • Capture new connection / lead contact information instantaneously with best-in-class OCR card scanning (and manual transcription).
  • Customizable Data Flow
    • Build pathways that enable your users to have the most productive experience possible with scanned data.